Most people try Rolfing to alleviate muscular, nerve or joint pain in their neck, back, hip, knees or feet. Many clients notice an improvement in balance and body awareness which helps them avoid further injury. Others enjoy a greater sense of relaxation and/or more energy.

Rolfing was developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf during the mid 1900's. Dr. Rolf recognized the vital roles that gravity and connective tissue play in the body's organization. Connective tissue wraps and connects all of our muscles, bones, and organs. It supports the soft tissues, positions the bones, determines the direction of muscle pulls and movement and gives the body its shape. Rolfers use their hands and elbows to free restrictions in this connective tissue matrix.

Overall Rolfing just feels good, although clients can feel moments of discomfort it should never be extremely painful. The touch ranges from light to deep depending on the session and the client.

Although it can be beneficial to receive just one session, Rolfing is traditionally and ideally performed over a series of sessions. Many clients continue to receive "tune-ups" or advanced work from time to time. Please check my success stories page to see how some of my clients have responded to Rolfing.