"Luca has helped me so much in my self-exploration journey. She is endlessly curious and observant. She has amazing skills and is at times able to perform magic. My body has really changed for the better since finding her and Rolfing. Thank you, Luca!"

– AH Carpenter

"Luca's sincere desire to help educate and heal is evident in each appointment. Within the first three appointments, I was able to breathe deep again, loosen my lower back pain, and learn how to work out of my muscle tension issues. My experience has found that she is an incredibly patient, kind, creative, and keenly aware practitioner."

– Susan Blum

"As a Rolfer, Luca works in a holistic manner that is custom fit for each individual. I know this through personal experience and through the experience of my friends who have also been Luca's clients.

Her work is never stagnant. She always pursues additional knowledge to benefit her clients. She connects new information about the physiology of fascia to her work. She is not only a student but a teacher to her clients and to other health care professionals in the community.

Luca's work is unique because she is intuitive while implementing the science of healing."

–Lorrie Brilla PhD - Professor Kinesiology and Physical Education Program

"As a physician and as a person involved with sports on various levels (an ex-runner and jumper, with two daughters currently on the USA National Volleyball Team), I have come to recognize the great value of regular and knowledgeable care of joints and muscles, and the importance of the proper alignment of the body's structures.

Rolfing is a treatment modality from which all of us could benefit while preventing or recovering from injury, addressing the painful effects of muscular stress and poor alignment, or maintaining good function of one's body if done regularly.

Luca is a highly effective and exceptional practitioner with an uncommon level of interest in her patients and a gift of healing. She is the exceptional kind of practitioner that one hopes to find, and that one remains loyal to after having repeatedly experienced the powerful changes that result from her care and expertise.  I would recommend Luca, an exceptional rolfing practitioner, very highly."

– Valerie Collymore MD